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General Information


Mendoza is an oasis in the middle of the desert that learned to fall and pick itself up again. Founded in the sixteenth century as a way station to cross the mountain on the trade route from the Río de la Plata to Santiago de Chile, it was almost entirely rebuilt after the earthquake that devastated it in 1861. The Foundation Area, the "Old Mendoza" keeps the ruins of colonial times. It was the place chosen by General San Martin to gather people to organize the greatest liberating campaign of the Americas. The Plumerillo, Old Town, La Alameda and the great mountains are the main witness of this great feat.

Cultural expressions reveal the native roots of Mendoza in craftsmanship, folk music and in a distinguished cuisine. Museums, art spaces, theatres and houses with history form a wide offer. Modern architecture is mixed with beautiful squares, where Plaza Independencia stands out. The trees form green tunnels watered through irrigation ditches. The downtown area assembles most of the stores and shopping malls are placed around the city, while many bars gather together around the bohemian Alameda or on Aristides Villanueva Avenue. General San Martin Park, landscape work, plenty of nature fountains and sculptures, offers a great tour where tourists may visit Cerro de la Gloria, the Zoo and the Greek Theatre Frank Romero Day among other attractions.

In the heart of the Andes Mountain range, Mendoza is one of the main grape growing and wine-making provinces in Argentina, where its wineries produce 70% of the national wines, outstanding the Malbec. Framed by the beauty of its vineyards, wineries open their doors to tastings, art and culture, horse and bike rides around vineyard and stays at inns or themed accommodations. Mendoza represents excellence in wine and tourism, and for this reason it has been positioned as one of the Great Wine Capitals, a global network that outstand the quality in grape crop and tourist activity.

Night life

Mendoza’s principal meetings and party scene takes place along Avenida Villanueva Aristides. The street runs from the east side of Parque San Martín to one block south of Plaza Italia. There’re abundant bars to choose from so your best bet is to stroll around until you see an establishment to your liking.

If you like to explore more restaurants there is a street Sarmiento from Independence square to the west and you can found many good restaurant and ice-cream shops.

The discos or nightclubs open from 22h. when offered food service and closing is at 5:30h.

The sale of alcohol in bottle is prohibited in all shops after 23h.

For more information go to:

Here some more useful information
Health Standard

Mendoza is a safe city from a health point of view. The water is potable.

Public hospitals offer emergency service 24 hours day for free (medical professionals are recognized worldwide as excellent level).


It is a safe city, but as in any big city in the world, its necessary to take some precautions as always take care of your personal belongings (cameras, camcorders, cell phones, wallets, etc.) and if possible do not wear them around the neck.

Map of Mendoza City

The streets running east/west are renamed twice: across Av Gral San Martín and then the tracks of Belgrano St.


Phone numbers of the City of Mendoza have seven digits. Local calls do not require any dialing prefix, except in the case of cellular or mobile phones, you must preced the prefix 15 and then dial the 7 digits.

For calls inside the country, you have to lead 0, then the area code and the local number. And for international calls, it puts the 00 before international phone number (00 + country code + local area code + telephone number).

For those who want to call the City of Mendoza from the outside, must precede the local prefix number (0054 0261), if it is a landline, and the number 9 (0054 9 261) if it is a cell or mobile phone.

Calling Cards or prepaid: For those who want to rent a cell or mobile phone during their stay, can opt for a prepaid calling card service, which are purchased at kioskos and booths.

Internet and telephone booths: Around the city there are booths where you can make international calls and pay after you’ve finished, also have computers with internet access. They are charged per destination and duration, while Internet service charge for fractions of 15 minutes in most cases. The bars and restaurants offer free Wi Fi service with a mínimum consumption.


Banks are open from Monday to Friday from 10 to 13hs., however you can make cash withdrawals and other transactions at ATMs, which operate 24 hours.

Lunch and dinner time

Confectioneries that offer breakfast open from 7 am.

In Mendoza lunch time is usually from 12 to 15h and dinner from 20 until 01h. However you can find places to eat fast food open 24 hours.

Smoking is prohibited in enclosed public places except bars and discos, but some restaurants feature designated smoking areas.


Parking in downtown is measured from 8 to 13 h. and from 16 to 21h., you will find identified people with fluorescent green or yellow shirts that sell the corresponding card, which is equivalent to a half-hour and the cost of each period is $ 3.00.

On the streets of the city, are suitable parking areas that you will recognize because they are marked with green color on the edge of the sidewalk.


Do not hire rental properties that are not legally qualified and/or offered by locals at the street. See the Tourist Information to check this:

Most museums are closed on Mondays.


If you are willing to bike or rent a scooter, look to hire those companies that offer group trips and guides or a companion to avoid possible loss or theft. Otherwise ask for possible circuits that can be performed and not deviate from them as you may enter in unsafe areas.

The ticket for permission to climb Aconcagua can be registered in the official government website, complete the appropriate form, then get the payslip to be paid at any branch “Easy Pay”, located in the center of the city and presented it to your Service Provider (if you have hired a service) or ANP Visitor Center ( located at Av. San Martin 1143, Mendoza 1st Floor , from Monday to Friday from 8 to 18 h., or Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 9 to 13h.). Do not forget your identity card or passport. When finished these requirements, you will be given the Entry Permit to check in Aconcagua Park.

Shopping Trip

The schedule of the trade is not continuous, it is common that close between 13 to 17h. from Monday to Saturday and on Sundays and most holidays are closed all day.

Do not purchase products offered by street vendors because they do not have guarantees. For more information go to

The shopping malls are open daily from 10 to 22h. For more information go to


Supermarkets are open mostly from Monday to Sunday from 10 to 22 h. except Walmart supermarket (in Moldes 1023 and South Access – Dorrego, Guaymallén) which is open 24 hours.

The Central Market located on Av. Las Heras, between Eepaña and PAtricias Mendocinas streets, is a very characteristic historical walk that sells fresh products as chopped, seeds, nuts, meat, fish, ready meals and much more. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 8 to 13h and from 16 to 19h.


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